ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex Share Love, Peace, and Happiness: Giving away 1KG Free Sugar Bag on All Remittances Received in the Gambia

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The Holy Spirit of Ramadan brings feelings of love, gratitude, and joy. It is celebrated as a month of empathy and compassion. ACE Money Transfer is one of the trusted remittance service providers that always aspire to give back to customers through promotional offers and giveaways. The rising inflation is causing havoc around the world. ACE and Yonna Forex have collaborated to provide monetary relief to the Gambian customers this Ramadan. Send money to Gambia and let your friends and family win a free 1KG sugar bag on every transaction made until the end of Ramadan 2022.

Yonna Forex and ACE Money Transfer collaborate to give back this Ramadan

Yonna Forex and ACE Money Transfer collaborate to provide a flawless money transfer experience to all the Gambian diasporas living abroad. Besides the professional services, the two partners bring exciting opportunities for the people of Gambia every year to win prizes and enjoy countless perks.

Yonna Forex is widely recognised for its excellent management of international remittances. Its partnership with ACE Money Transfer allows the Gambian people to win a 1KG Free Sugar Bag this Ramadan. To let your beneficiaries get their Ramadan gift, simply make an online money transfer to Gambia via ACE and ask them to receive the funds from any branch of Yonna Forex across the country.

What makes you eligible for this offer?

The offer is only valid for the people of Gambia in the month of Ramadan. Any paid transactions made from the 1st until the last day of Ramadan 2022 will be automatically considered eligible for this offer. The beneficiaries receiving remittances from Yonna Forex branches sent via ACE Money Transfer will get their free 1KG bag of sugar on every transaction.

What’s the Condition to Get a Free 1KG Sugar Bag?

The transactions must be of GMD 3000 or more within the offer dates to win. The transfers must be made through ACE Money Transfer and paid out as cash pickup from Yonna Forex branches. The offer cannot be encashed or exchanged with any other prize. The beneficiary will be responsible for any advance or withholding tax due to the gift received from this promotion under local tax laws.

This offer is only valid for the customers of both partners. Employees of ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex are not eligible to participate in this Ramadan offer.

How to get More Sugar Bags in this offer?

If you have a question about whether you can get only one bag or more, the answer is YES! You can have as many bags of sugar as you want. Getting more sugar bags is simple: you have to make as many transactions as possible. You will get a free 1kg sugar bag on every transfer of funds via ACE Money Transfer to any branch of Yonna Forex across the Gambia.

Switch to ACE Money Transfer for sending remittances back to your home country

ACE Money Transfer has provided a smooth and reliable international money transfer service globally since 2002. It sticks to the modern money transfer techniques and has become the cheapest way to transfer money internationally. Due to its top-notch service, millions of expats worldwide have put their faith and trust in ACE.

ACE Money Transfer offers unbeatable exchange rates

When you opt for bank transfers, a good amount of your funds is lost in exchange rates. Banks do not stick to the market exchange rates, and their rates are costly. A bit of wise financial advice is to use ACE Money Transfer to exchange currency at unbeatable rates so that your loved ones can end up receiving much more.

ACE Money Transfer is the ideal option for urgent situations

The conventional wire transfer method to send money to Gambia would easily take around 3 to 4 days. You can add further delay in this period due to bank holidays, national holidays, or time zone differences. Opting for wire transfers if your family requires funds on an urgent basis can be disastrous. Stick to ACE Money Transfer to transfer funds quickly and swiftly. ACE is much quicker than wire transfers and can provide funds for your family within a day without any added delays.

Ensure the absolute safety of your funds through ACE

ACE Money Transfer guarantees the complete security of your funds through its strong anti-fraud and anti-money laundering policies. ACE is widely known in the remittance sending industry for providing secure international transactions.

Send money to the Gambia by staying in the comfort of your home.

The conventional methods of bank transfers require you to visit the bank at official hours and often wait in long lines for your turn. If you are already looking for how to send money to Gambia online instantly, you’ve got the answer here. Spear yourself from the physical burden and switch to ACE to have comfortable and smooth international money transfers from the middle of your comfort zone. You can transfer funds anytime and anywhere with just a click using ACE’s website or an interactive mobile application.

Benefit from the complete transparency of ACE Money Transfer

Millions of users trust ACE since it also believes in staying transparent, besides providing the lowest transfer fee. It has no hidden costs or receiving charges that the customers have to bear with other providers in the market.

Sign up on ACE to give your friends and family back in the Gambia an excellent opportunity to win a free 1KG Sugar bag this Ramadan.

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